Advertising —
Role. Creative Art Director

  1. Guitar Man 
  2. Facebook
  3. Elvis is Death
  4. Small Revolutions
  5. No rival, no victory
  6. Airbnb
  7. Picky 
  8. Bastard Cat

Technology  —
Role. Creative Art Director and Designer
  1. Smart Beats
  2. Beer!? App
  3. Foot-trade

Design  —
Role. Designer
  1. Elephant Sanctuary
  2. Nike SB Session
  3. Hair and Beer
  4. Waves for Water
  5. Origens Brasil
  6. Casa
  7. Shooting Posters 

Photo and Video  —
Role. Photography and Videomaker
  1. Tulum
  2. Patagonia
  3. California 
  4. Garopaba From Above

My Pets —
Role. Passionate Owner
  1. Mulder
  2. Scully 
  3. Clint
  4. Luna
  5. Austin
  6. Bear

About — 
Role. Myself

  • I’m a designer and art director living and working in São Paulo for the past eight years. I won some awards here and there, but what really matters is that I recently developed a passion for plants, and, because of my pets, I’ve been doing an extensive research on toxic and non toxic species for cats and doggos. Sadly, many exquisite ones are toxic, but don’t worry, soon I’ll post here the most beautiful non toxic plants to make your home charming and your pets safe. And please, if you have any recommendations, don’t be shy and send me an e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or smoke signal. Let’s help each other make our homes greener.

+55 11 96435 4300 


                What drives us to drink sparkling water? No one really sees why. It's not tasty like soda, it's not healthy like juice and it's not a necessary like water. Sparkling water is just for those who are picky. But so what? Everybody has those little whims that bring more joy to our days. Embrace it without shame and let’s celebrate together.

With Carolina Velloso

                Bonafont presents: A toast to those who are picky. 
                Long live those who surgically remove the bread's crust.

                Let's celebrate those who only eat pitted grapes.
                Those who call "bomba de chocolate"*: eclair.
                And let’s not forget those who celebrate the very important three month anniversary. 

*In Brazil, eclairs are popularly called ''bomba de chocolate'' (which can be roughly translated as ''chocolate bomb'') and only finicky people call them by their actual name.

                To all those little indulgencies that make our lives more colorful we propose a toast with Bonafont Sparkling Water .

                # a toast to those who are picky

People asked for my promotion on the brand channel. LOL

It didn’t happen.