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Role. Myself

  • I’m a designer and art director living and working in São Paulo for the past eight years. I won some awards here and there, but what really matters is that I recently developed a passion for plants, and, because of my pets, I’ve been doing an extensive research on toxic and non toxic species for cats and doggos. Sadly, many exquisite ones are toxic, but don’t worry, soon I’ll post here the most beautiful non toxic plants to make your home charming and your pets safe. And please, if you have any recommendations, don’t be shy and send me an e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or smoke signal. Let’s help each other make our homes greener.

+55 11 96435 4300 

                We created a spot to recruit resellers for LUA APP, a platform created to redefine the resale business in Brazil, that is currently mostly associated with cosmetics products. With Lua, resellers can sell all kinds of products of various famous brands. 

LUA App / 2017
With Carolina Velloso

                The spot shows a reseller trying to sell cosmetic products to her customer. Meanwhile, the client’s bastard cat knocks over and smashes various objects around the house. With each strike, a sale opportunity is lost to the reseller.

                Watch the spot and find out if you love or hate this adorable jerk. 

Loc. off:

This is Jaque, a cosmetic reseller.

This is Jaque’s client. 

And this, is the client’s cat.

Hey, Jaque, do you only sell cosmetic products?

Nothing for the hair?

And what about earrings, huh? No way?

And something for the house?

Come on. You're not going to do that, are you?

He did it.

Hey, Jaque, Lua is the app for you to offer everything your customers need.

Because, they don't only need cosmetics, right?

Do not falter, Jaque.


       Mulder, Scully, Clint and Luna were flattered.